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Resources for Chairs, Directors and Deans

For each of the articles about COACHE results, an accompanying resource has been created for Chairs, Directors, and Deans to trigger discussion amongst faculty members. These two-page PDFs also identify some good practices in relation to areas where improvement is needed. Additional resources will be added below as they become available.


Resource Guide: Overall Satisfaction  (Accessible text alternative version 1)

Resource Guide: Department Culture  (Alternative text accessible version 2)

Resource Guide: Supporting Faculty Career Advancement  (Accessible text alternative version 3)

Resource Guide: Nature of Work — Research, Teaching & Service  (Accessible text alternative version 4)

Resource Guide: Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration (Accessible text alternative version 5a)

Resource Guide: Recognition and Appreciation (Accessible text alternative version 5b)


Additional Resources

COACHE Communication Models

COACHE Benchmark Chart (click image to enlarge) (please contact us if you require a text alternative version)

COACHE Benchmark Chart please contact the office of the Vice-Provost, faculty and academic life for an accessible alternative version of this chart.