Monthly Action Guide: May 2021

This email contains some friendly reminders of key deadlines and administrative tasks related to academic HR. Please share with faculty or staff who would find this information relevant.

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COVID-19 Resources for Academic Administrators

Website: New Materials

Progress Through the Ranks (PTR)

Unit Workload Policies

  • All units should review the date of their most recent unit Workload Policy. The University’s Workload Policy and Procedures For Faculty and Librarians (WLPP) states that, “Unit Workload Policies shall be reviewed at least every three years by the unit” (WLPP, 2.16).
  • If your unit workload policy was last reviewed three or more years ago, it is time to review it again to ensure it continues to serve you well. Policies require approval: in a Multi Department Faculty, please reach out to your Dean’s Office; Single Department Faculties should contact VPFAL.
  • The process of considering your unit workload policy is meant to be a collegial one: your workload committee “membership should be reasonably reflective of the membership of the Unit, including reflecting the types of appointments that faculty members in the unit hold” (WLPP, 2.2).

Notable changes to the University of Toronto Workload Policy

Travel & Visiting Faculty

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s federal government continues to impose international travel and border restrictions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. People who travel to Canada, regardless of citizenship and vaccine status, will need to follow testing and quarantine requirements. The VPFAL website provides information on these new restrictions and the other restrictions that are in place.  
  • If you have new or visiting faculty who plan to arrive in the next 12 months, please follow your Faculty’s established procedure and submit any immigration-related documents for action. If you plan to invite non-Canadian visiting faculty to campus during the Canadian border restrictions, your submission must include a letter stating why it is essential for the visiting faculty to enter Canada for their appointment. Please contact Faculty Immigration ( for a letter template. This letter should factor into the Decanal approval process.

Interim Review

  • Tenure stream faculty members who were hired under or who HAVE opted to be covered by the PPAA, 2015 should have their performance “reviewed no earlier than May 1 of the third year of [their] contract … Normally no later than 30th June, the appointee should be asked to submit an account of research or creative professional activity which has been completed or undertaken since the time of initial appointment … The appointee will not normally be required to complete the submission prior to August 31” (PAAA, II.8).

Probationary Review

  • Teaching stream faculty coming forward for their probationary review should be notified of their upcoming review “normally no later than May 1” and given a deadline for submission of their dossier (and “will not normally be required to complete the submission prior to June 30”) (PAAA, VII.30.vii).

Tenure Review

  • In units with faculty members coming forward for tenure review, “Each division head or chair of the department in the multi-departmental divisions shall have the responsibility … to notify the candidate, normally no later than June 30th, that he or she will be considered for tenure in the following spring and when the process of review, including assembling of documentation, is about to begin and when it will be completed. Candidates should normally be provided with a period of at least 6 weeks in which to assemble and prepare the documentation required from them as set out below and will not normally be asked to submit their research dossier prior to July 1” (PPAA III.14.ii).

Continuing Status Review

  • In units with faculty members coming forward for continuing status review, “The division head or chair shall … notify the candidate of the final composition of the continuing status committee and when the process of review, including assembling of documentation, is about to begin and when it will be completed. The candidate, with appropriate assistance and advice from the division or department head, will prepare a dossier in accordance with Divisional Guidelines for submission to the continuing status committee by June 30th” (PAAA VII.x.b).

Retirement Notice

  • Please share with your faculty
  • With the transition to the University Pension Plan Ontario effective July 1, 2021 faculty members and librarians considering retirement are encouraged to read the following articles within the HR Service Centre: Planning to Retire and Income & Benefits in Retirement. Currently a retirement session is not scheduled.
  • Reminder—Upcoming Deadline to Submit Notice of Intention to Retire for Faculty (PDAD&C #51) asks unit heads to remind faculty and librarians of the July 1, 2021 deadline to provide notice of their intention to retire as of July 1, 2022.
  • Faculty must submit a notice of intention to participate in the three-year phased retirement program (PRP) to their unit head at least one year in advance of the proposed commencement date (which shall be July 1) using this form.

Workshops & Resources for Academic Administrators

NEW! Save the Date: Retreat for New Academic Administrators

  • The virtual Retreat for New Academic Administrators will take place on June 21-25.
  • All newly-appointed academic administrators appointed under the PAAA will receive an invitation in the coming weeks. 
  • Currently serving academic administrators are encouraged to join us for sessions dedicated to critical leadership topics. These sessions include: COVID-19 Update, Human Rights Overview, Faculty Grievances, Having Difficult Conversations, Equity & Inclusion: A Call for Leadership, and Student Issues. We will share information on how to register for these sessions in the coming weeks.
  • Any continuing academic administrator who wishes to attend the full retreat is welcome to do so and should contact for registration information

Recruitment & Hiring for Chairs, Directors & Single Department Faculty Deans

A unit’s ability to hire the best possible candidates for academic positions can depend on effective management of the recruitment process. This session, for Chairs, Directors, Single Department Faculty Deans, and supporting staff, is intended to provide information about the following topics that are critical to the success of this process:

  • Recruitment plan
  • Job ads
  • Immigration considerations
  • Appointment files
  • Search report

Date: May 6 from 10 to 11:30 am (online)

  • Register now. We will send you a Zoom link a few days before the event.

Hiring TAs, Course Instructors, and Sessional Lecturers – POSTPONED

IMPORTANT: This session, originally scheduled for March 2, has been postponed. We will connect with all those registered about the new date when we are in the position to do so.

This session will provide Chairs, Directors, Associate Chairs, Teaching Assistant Coordinators, and Administrative Staff responsible for the administration of CUPE 3902 appointments with the tools and information necessary for posting, hiring, and filling positions under the CUPE 3902 Unit 1 and Unit 3 Collective Agreements. Topics will include: subsequent appointment assignments, job security commitments, timelines, job postings, and navigating the hiring criteria.

Workshops & Resources for Faculty

Understanding the New Part-Time Policy for Part-Time Faculty

  • Please share with part-time faculty

This session, intended for part-time faculty, will focus on the new Policies and Procedures on Employment Conditions of Part-Time Faculty. We will talk about changes in the policy and how they will affect you.

Date: May 12, 10am-12pm

  • Register now. We will send you a Zoom link a few days before the event.

Save the Date: New Faculty Orientation, 2021

For all Chairs, Directors, and Single Department Faculty Deans: Please note that the 2021 New Faculty Orientation will be held on August 16 and 17.

Webinars from the National Centre for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD)