Monthly Action Guide: July 2021

This email contains friendly reminders of key deadlines and administrative tasks related to academic HR. Please share with faculty or staff who would find this information relevant. 

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COVID-19 Resources for Academic Administrators

Academic HR Memos

Update on Merit (PTR/5%) Process for the 2020-21 Academic Year

PTR Process for the 2021-22 Academic Year

  • “at the beginning of the academic year (i.e., July 1)”, unit heads “shall communicate, in writing, to each faculty member of their unit”:
    1. Internal policies and procedures for assessment of PTR
    2. The format to be used for activity reports
    3. The relative weight of teaching, research and service (PDAD&C #53).
  • “A separate weighting of teaching, pedagogical/professional development and service should be made for teaching-stream faculty. Teaching stream faculty members shall be evaluated on their pedagogical and/or discipline-based scholarship in relation to the field in which they teach and/or creative/professional activity[1] that allows the faculty member to maintain a mastery of their subject area and this evaluation will be appropriately weighted in the PTR assessment. (PDAD&C #53).

Part-Time Faculty Renewals

  • Part-time faculty who have been renewed for a sixth year, must be reviewed in the fall before December 31.

2020 Report on Employment Equity

Website: New! Advancing Equity & Inclusion Page

  • Links to the two new “Unconscious Bias Education Modules” for all faculty and staff are accessible in Success Factors and through this webpage.
  • A recording and transcript of the “Inclusive Practices in Recruitment Workshop” from fall 2020 is available. It is intended for search, tenure, continuing status review, and promotion committee members, faculty members on PTR committees, and assessors.

Unit Workload Policies

  • All units should review the date of their most recent unit Workload Policy. The University’s Workload Policy and Procedures for Faculty and Librarians (WLPP) states that, “Unit Workload Policies shall be reviewed at least every three years by the unit” (WLPP, 2.16).
  • If your unit workload policy was last reviewed three or more years ago, it is time to review it again to ensure it continues to serve you well. Policies require approval: in a Multi Department Faculty, please reach out to your Dean’s Office; Single Department Faculties should contact VPFAL.
  • The process of considering your unit workload policy is meant to be a collegial one: your workload committee “membership should be reasonably reflective of the membership of the Unit, including reflecting the types of appointments that faculty members in the unit hold” (WLPP, 2.2).

Written Assignment of Workload

  • Unit heads should be aware of the following new requirement and deadline:
  • “Each member will be provided with a written assignment of their workload duties on an annual basis that includes the member’s percentage appointment and details of teaching and service or, in the case of librarians, professional practice and service, by no later than June 30th.” (WLPP, 2.17, emphasis added)

Interim Review (tenure stream faculty, PPAA, 2021)

  • Tenure stream faculty members should have their performance “reviewed no earlier than May 1 of the third year of [their] contract. … Normally no later than 30th June, the appointee should be asked to submit an account of research or creative professional activity which has been completed or undertaken since the time of initial appointment … The appointee will not normally be required to complete the submission prior to August 31” (PPAA, II.8).

Tenure Review (tenure stream faculty, PPAA, 2021)

  • In units with faculty members coming forward for tenure review:
    • “Each division head or chair of the department in the multi-departmental divisions shall have the responsibility … to notify the candidate, normally no later than June 30th, that he or she will be considered for tenure in the following spring and when the process of review, including assembling of documentation, is about to begin and when it will be completed.” (PPAA, 2021, III,14.ii).
    • “Candidates should normally be provided with a period of at least 6 weeks in which to assemble and prepare the documentation required from them as set out below and will not normally be asked to submit their research dossier prior to July 1” (PPAA, 2021, III,14.ii).
    • Candidate informed of membership of Tenure Committee: “This notification will normally happen in the fall.” [This correspondence and acknowledgement should be included in the tenure file.] (PPAA, 2021, Part II, 14 iii)

Retirement Notice

  • In March, PDAD&C memo #51 asked unit heads to remind faculty and librarians of the July 1, 2021 deadline to provide notice of their intention to retire as of July 1, 2022.

Resources for Academic Administrators

  • Newly- and recently-appointed academic administrators who were unable to attend the 2021 Retreat for New Academic Administrators, delivered online between June 21-25, can contact for Retreat resources.

Resources for Faculty

Save the Date: New Faculty & Librarian Orientation, 2021

  • Please share with your faculty
  • All newly appointed faculty with a start date after September 1, 2020 will receive an invitation to the New Faculty Orientation, scheduled for August 16-17, 2021. Please share this information with any newly appointed faculty so that they can block these dates on their calendar.

U of T Bookstore Support for Faculty

  • Please share with your faculty
  • Please encourage new faculty members to reach out to the U of T Bookstore for assistance with course materials. The Bookstore works closely with faculty members to source the best materials for their courses, with both print and digital options available. For those looking to assign readings from multiple sources, the U of T Bookstore works with a licensed Access Copyright copy shop and can help faculty create and distribute a custom course pack with desired materials. All Fall course material orders should be placed with the U of T Bookstore ASAP to ensure availability at the term start. Order now through Verba Collect or contact the relevant buyer for support.

National Centre for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Programming

NCFDD Webinars

Faculty Success Program & the Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program

  • The Provost’s Office will continue to contribute 50% of the cost associated with the National Center for Faculty and Development & Diversity’s (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program & the Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program for the 2021-22 year, provided that the home unit or Dean’s Office contributes the remainder of the funds.  A new memo will be issued in July.
  • The registration deadline for the Faculty Success Program is July 28, 2021. The program runs from late August until mid-November.
  • The $500 Early Bird Discount ends July 21, 2021.
  • The Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program runs from May to August each year, with a registration deadline in March.