University of Toronto

Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty & Academic Life

About The Office

The Office of Faculty & Academic Life has responsibilities across four main areas: academic human resources, academic discipline, quasi-judicial matters, and broader academic human resource matters for unionized and non-unionized groups such as sessional lecturers and postdoctoral fellows. A central role is in conducting research and developing policies and programs to support faculty recruitment and appointment, tenure and promotion processes, and professional development programs for faculty and academic administrators.


The Vice-Provost is the primary liaison with the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) and the primary contact for all quasi-judicial matters such as the Tenure Appeal Committee, Grievance Review Panel, Academic Discipline Tribunals, and Academic Appeals Board.

The Office of Faculty & Academic Life also coordinates workshops and professional development opportunities corresponding to the various stages of faculty life including the pre-tenure years, opportunities for mid-career faculty, options for retirement and life in the teaching stream.  Professional development and training about academic human resources, policies and procedures are also provided to academic administrators and administrative staff during the academic year.

The Academic Administrative Procedures Manual is maintained by the Office of Faculty & Academic Life.  It can be found at