Academic HR Resources for Academic Administrators

Updated: May 14, 2021

Recruitment & Hiring

Resources that may be helpful when you’re searching:

Resources that may be helpful when you’re hiring:


It is important to issue the appropriate invitation to international visitors, even those who will not receive pay. Whether inviting faculty or others to visit for as little as a few days or hiring them for a longer period, please ensure that you are familiar with the immigration rules. There are a number of resources available at the University to assist you in navigating this process. We will be sharing them shortly.

Part-Time Faculty

Updated: March 3, 2021

Transition to the New Policy

On October 20, 2020, the Governing Council approved important changes relating to part-time faculty. The VPFAL Office will be working directly with Dean’s Offices and through them with academic units to clearly identify how all existing part-time faculty will be impacted by the agreed upon Transition Framework (PDF).

All existing part-time faculty should be contacted between January and July 2021 about how the Transition Framework will impact them. Appropriate cover letters and template Letters of Offer will be provided to all Dean’s Offices and shared by then with Chairs and Directors where appropriate.

As the University transitions to the new Part-time Policy, some faculty continue to be appointed under the old policy Policy and Procedures on Employment Conditions of Part-time Academic Staff, 1994 (PDF).

Understanding Part-Time Faculty Under the Part-Time Policy

Appointments Under the New Policy

  • Full-time equivalent (FTE): “A part-time appointment is one that does not exceed 75 per cent of full-time employment and is not less than 20 per cent of full-time employment.” (PtP, 2021)
  • Rank:
    • “Appointments may be made to any academic rank on a part-time basis.” (PtP, 2021, 2a)
    • Consultation: Units should consult with their Dean’s Office and VPFAL when making appointments at the ranks of Associate Professor; Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; Professor; and Professor, Teaching Stream.
  • Stream: “Appointment to the ranks of Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream; Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; Professor, Teaching Stream; Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor should be reserved for those individuals who bear a similar responsibility in terms of teaching, research/scholarship and service, to full-time appointments.” (PtP, 2021, 2b)

Promotion of Part-Time Faculty

Promotion of part-time faculty in the non Tenure StreamPolicy and Procedures Governing Promotions (PPP, 1980)The PPP, 1980 governs the promotion of part-time faculty from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and from Associate Professor to Professor.
Promotion of part-time faculty in the Teaching StreamPolicy and Procedures Governing Promotions in the Teaching Stream (PPPTS, 2021)The PPPTS, 2021 governs the promotion of part-time faculty from Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream to Associate Professor, Teaching Stream; and from Associate Professor, Teaching Stream to Professor, Teaching Stream.