Chair’s Responsibility Relative to Tenure Review

  • “Each division head or chair of the department in the multi-departmental divisions shall have the responsibility:
    1. to ensure that those members of the teaching staff who must be considered for tenure in the spring term of an academic year are identified in the previous May;
    2. to notify the candidate, normally no later than June 30th, that he or she will be considered for tenure in the following spring and when the process of review, including assembling of documentation, is about to begin and when it will be completed. Candidates should normally be provided with a period of at least 6 weeks in which to assemble and prepare the documentation required from them as set out below and will not normally be asked to submit their research dossier prior to July 1.
    3. to notify formally the candidate as to the individuals whom he or she intends to ask to serve on the tenure committee. This notification will normally happen in the fall. If the staff member has reason to believe that any member of the committee, including the division head or chair, cannot make his or her decision solely on the basis of the evidence available at the time of the tenure committee meeting, he or she should indicate this to the division head or the appropriate Vice-Provost. The division head or chair shall then formally notify the staff member of the final composition of the tenure committee;
    4. in consultation with the graduate chair, to complete and to present the documents to the tenure committee, and to ensure that the fullest possible documentation is made available. Each member of the teaching staff being considered for tenure shall prepare a curriculum vitae as indicated in Section 15 below and shall make available to the division head or chair all papers and documents as indicated below. The division head or chair shall obtain the necessary appraisals of the candidate‚Äôs work and the evaluation of the internal reading committee with respect to the documentation provided for the tenure committee. The division head or chair shall prepare and provide a written summary of the content of the above appraisals and evaluation, without identifying their source, to the candidate at the time of submission of the dossier to the tenure committee normally at least one week prior to the first meeting of the tenure committee. It is important that the summary be sufficiently detailed that the candidate knows the evidence before the committee and could, if desired, supplement the dossier with a written response, or by appearing before the committee to make a statement. The summary should include extracts of any significant information from all letters and reports while maintaining confidentiality.”

Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments (PPAA), 2015, Part III, 14.

  • “Normally, written specialist assessments of the candidate’s work should also be obtained from outside the University; the candidate should be invited to nominate several external referees, and the division head or chair should solicit letters of reference from at least one of them and from one or more additional specialists chosen by himself or herself.”

PPAA, 2015, Part III, 15 ii.

  • “When the voting is concluded, the chair of the tenure committee will announce to the committee how each member of the committee voted, and the total number of votes for and against the granting of tenure.”

PPAA, 2015, Part III, 16.

  • “As soon as practicable after the tenure committee’s decision, the head of the division should inform the candidate whether or not tenure has been recommended and so inform the President through the Office of the Vice-President and Provost.”

PPAA, 2015, Part III, 16.