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Amendments for Pre-Tenure Faculty

We want to ensure that all current pre-tenure faculty understand how their choice to transition to the revised policy or to remain under the existing policy as the amended tenure and promotion processes are implemented. This site has a number of tools to assist you in making a decision.

The amendments to the tenure and promotion processes now being implemented provide an extended time-to-tenure clock which is more consistent with our peer institutions around the world. The revised Policy and Procedures for Academic Appointments also includes a term following a successful interim review in which the candidate will have a workload adjustment that is normally free of teaching and service to focus on preparation for tenure consideration.


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Tenure Clocks: New and Old

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Summary of Tenure and Promotion Amendments

  • Extending tenure clock: from 5 to 6 years
  • Longer initial contract: from 3 to 4 years
  • Later probationary review: by the end of 3rd year vs. the 2nd
  • Notification of renewal by Nov. 30 of the 4th year vs. Sept 25 of 3rd year
  • Second contract (following successful review) of 2 years now includes term with adjusted workload prior to tenure review
  • Clarified rationale for delay of probationary or tenure review: new language reflects evolving practice
  • Clarification of timelines for tenure consideration procedures
    • (New) Notification of tenure review no later than June 30, preceding their review. (was September preceding their review)
    • (New) Candidates will be provided with a period of at least 6 weeks in which to assemble and prepare documentation and this will not normally be before July 1.
    • Summary of Evidence: Will be provided to the candidate at least one week prior to the first meeting of the tenure committee.

Additional Resources

Amendments Affecting Pre-tenure & FT Teaching Stream Faculty (PowerPoint presentation)

The information on this site provides guidance for new faculty about the tenure process at the University of Toronto. For complete details, refer to the policies which are binding and take precedence over the information provided here.