Tenure Stream

About the Tenure Stream

At the University of Toronto, tenure stream faculty are expected to demonstrate “achievement in research and creative professional work, effectiveness in teaching, and clear promise of future intellectual and professional development” at the time of tenure. They are also often called on to support the University through service, in the form of “university, divisional or departmental committee or administrative work.”

(Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments, 2021, Section III.13)

At the University of Toronto, faculty in the Tenure Stream hold the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor.

There are 2,150 tenured and tenure stream faculty (Facts & Figures 2019).

Relevant Policies & Materials

Tenure stream appointments are governed by the following policies:

ReviewPolicyDescriptionImportant Links
Interim Review and Tenure Review1) Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments (PPAA, 2021)

2) Policy and Procedures on Academic Appointments (PPAA, 2003)*
The PPAA governs the Interim Review and Tenure Review for Tenure Stream faculty.

1) For all faculty hired since July 1, 2015, and all faculty hired prior to that date who were pre-tenure as of July 1, 2015, and who opted to be covered by the revised PPAA, 2021.

2) For all other faculty hired prior to July 1, 2015 who did not opt to be covered by the revised PPAA, 2021.

Tenure stream: career milestones

Working Group on Creative Professional Activity (May 1984), commonly known as the “Hollenberg Report” (1984)

Request for early review

Request for tenure delay

Provision for Requesting Delay to Timeline for Academic Review in Response to COVID-19 (PDAD&C #56) (March 20, 2020)

Understanding a negative tenure recommendation

Understanding the tenure appeal process in cases of negative tenure decision
Promotion in the Tenure StreamPolicy and Procedures Governing Promotions (PPP, 1980)The PPP, 1980 governs the promotion of Tenure Stream faculty from Associate Rank to Professor Rank.Promotion in the tenure stream