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COACHE 2012 Survey Results

In 2012, all tenured and tenure-stream faculty were invited to participate in the online survey conducted by the Harvard-based Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE). The results are in, and they tell us a great deal about what tenure stream faculty like about working at the University of Toronto.

The Office of the Vice-Provost, Faculty and Academic Life works with COACHE on the survey and the dissemination of the results. The infographic below provides a snapshot summary of our results (click the picture for a full-sized version or view the accessible text alternative).

Infographic of COACHE results. Click the image for a full-sized version. Accessible text version is on this page

Article Series

The links below list a series of articles that detail how U of T tenure-stream faculty rate some specific aspects of their work environment.  Articles will appear weekly in February and March in The Bulletin and on our website.

Resources for Chairs, Directors & Deans

For each of the articles above, an accompanying resource has been created for Chairs, Directors, and Deans to trigger discussion amongst faculty members.  The short information packages also identify some ‘best practices’ in relation to areas where improvement is needed.


PowerPoint slides of U of T results will be posted after they are presented to various groups across the university.  Want a presentation of results relevant to your discipline, group or faculty? Just ask us!



Accessible Text Alternative

Coache Survey Results

78.9% of Faculty said, if they had to do it again, they would select U of T

79.4% of Faculty expressed satisfaction with compensation, compared to 46.2% of peers

Best Aspects of working at U of T: Colleagues and Autonomy

Number One Attribute: Quality of Colleagues

78% Satisfaction with collegiality

91.9% Satisfaction with autonomy over course content

94.5% Satisfaction with autonomy over research

Faculty Say They Need Resources to Support Their Work

59.8% Satisfaction with lab/studio space

58.6% Satisfaction with equipment

54.8% Satisfaction with computing and IT support

51.8% Satisfaction with clerical and administrative support

Need for Improvement in Communication of Priorities by:

Chair, Dean, Provost, President