Faculty Success Program & Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program

The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) offers “independent professional development, training, and mentoring community for faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students.” Faculty and graduate students may register for a free sub-account to take advantage of a suite of webinars and resources intended to help members achieve “writing and research productivity while maintaining a full and healthy life off campus.”

The NCFDD additionally runs two intensive online programs — the Faculty Success Program and the Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program — that may be of interest to faculty members. The Provost’s Office will contribute 50% of the costs associated with these programs, provided that the home unit or Dean’s Office would contribute the remainder of the funds.

Description of the Faculty Success Program

The Faculty Success Program is an intensive 12-week, online-based program for tenure-track and tenured faculty offered in the fall, spring, and summer of each year. The program is intended to help faculty “improve research productivity through intense accountability, coaching, and peer support and…propel their work-life balance and personal growth.” Faculty work directly with a coach (tenured faculty member) and a small peer group.

Description of the Post-Tenure Pathfinder’s Program

The Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program is a 12-week, online-based program, particularly suitable for Associate Professors in the Tenure Stream. The program runs from time to time and is intended to be “a space for a group [of 28] tenured faculty to pause, engage in a discovery process about what’s possible in their next chapter, and build the support network necessary to move powerfully in that new direction.”

Reimbursements will be done annually as a one-time transfer to cover all applications from a division. On an annual basis, Faculties are asked to complete the cost recovery spreadsheet below and submit to academic.hr@utoronto.ca. The Provost’s Office will transfer a lump sum to divisions for its 50% contribution for all approved applications. Further details are in the June 2020 memo below.

Cost Recovery Spreadsheet

June 2020 memo — Provostial Funding for the National Center for Faculty and Development’s Faculty Success Program & Post-Tenure Pathfinders Program, 2020-21.