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Updated: May 2, 2022

Faculty Data

A number of Tableau dashboards have been developed to provide specific users with access to faculty data. Please see the Faculty Counts & Data Dashboards Overview web page for access and more information.

Human Resources & Equity: Employment Equity Annual Reports

The annual Employment Equity Report provides a snapshot of employees based on responses to the University’s Employment Equity Survey.

Faculty & Librarian Complement Breakdown by Sex

Faculty Gender Pay Equity

Librarian Gender-Based Salary Equity

Joint Statement by UTFA and the University Administration, November 28, 2019

UTFA and the University Administration share a strong commitment to identifying and addressing gender-based salary equity issues for faculty and librarians at the University of Toronto. To that end, the Administration and UTFA agreed to examine the possibility of gender-based discrepancies in pay for librarians and each conducted a separate analysis of the issue. The Provost’s Office, in close consultation with the Chief Librarian’s Office, issued a Report on Librarians and Gender-Based Salary Equity.

Consistent with our shared commitment, we agree that it is important that the gender-based salary gap identified in the Report be addressed in a timely way and that all women librarians receive a 3.9% increase to their July 2, 2019 base salary. In addition, UTFA and the University Administration have agreed to establish a joint working group to explore issues that may affect the compensation of librarians who are members of equity seeking groups, including those who identify as women, Indigenous, racialized, LGBTQ2, non-binary and persons with disabilities.